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This is a “page” example. Most people write posts in their custom blog, and as you add new posts, they start to “scroll” on your blog’s home page. Similar to how things go with facebook, as you add new posts, newer ones come in at the top, and your older posts will auto-scroll to the bottom, or to secondary navigational pages. When you edit for create a “Page” – these are more static – they tend to stay.

Not only will a page stay in it’s place, but you can have menus on the side or top of your blog showing links to your pages. Some people will use a page for general static information that should stay in place, and get top notch placement. It would be good to have a page that gives info about you, or what you are looking for. A page listed the things you are interested or, or the things that turn you off would help others quickly find out if getting to know you more through private messages, or comments would be a good idea for the two of you.

Some people use a static page like this to list sexual turn ons, fantasies they are interested in exchanging messages about, and more.

It is really easy to edit this page and add whatever you want to share, of your can click edit, then on the right click move to trash to simply have it deleted.

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